Darkfall First Expansion Details Revealed

By Stacy Jones -

North America has been waiting for Darkfall to open its servers since the game's European launch in February. However, due to the launch of the games first expansion, the North American release is being pushed back a bit. The North American launch should go live on July 13th unless there is another delay.

It was just determined that the Darkfall expansion will go live on Tuesday July 7th.

This short delay pushes back the N. American launch to Monday July 13th.

More information on the Darkfall expansion on Monday July 6th and on the N. American launch shortly after.

Fans that have been waiting for this launch can get a look at details for the first expansion on the Darkfall website. The expansion will be bringing a lot of new features to the game such as player housing, a village system that will be used to create dynamic PvP hotspots , massive PvP, a character specialization system, and a host of additional content.

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