WoW: Tom Chilton Interview: Part 2

By Byron Mudry -

The site VideoGamer.com posted the second part of an interview with World of Warcraft lead designer Tom Chilton this weekend. In it Tom talks about what he sees as the future of the World of Warcraft, and when he speaks you best be listening. While nothing stands out as totally new information, it is a great consolidation of past rumors and tidbits from the forums.

Question: The first expansion was set in Outland, the second in Northrend, which was a little closer to home. Is there anywhere else left on the original map that can accommodate an expansion or does it have to be somewhere foreign?

Answer: No I don't think it has to be anywhere completely foreign yet. There are parts of the map that we have left ambiguous and unexplored. There are parts of Eastern Kingdoms and Azeroth that haven't been filled out yet. Out there in the South Seas there are islands, there's out where the Maelstrom is. There's still quite a bit of land mass. We keep referring to the Emerald Dream, which is maybe not exactly in Azeroth, but is sort of tied to it in some way or another.

You can find the whole interview here.

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