New Content Offer for MLB Dugout Heroes Through July

Posted Sat, Jul 11, 2009 by Martuk

GamesCampus is kicking off the month with new All-Star gear for players who sign up to play their PC-based baseball game, MLB Dugout Heroes, during the month of July. This offer is available to existing players and any new player who decide to take advantage of the offer by signing up during the month of July.


All-Star Patch Free Through July As A Special Offer To New & Existing Players

San Jose, Calif. (July 9, 2009) - GamesCampus' MLB Dugout Heroes, has been fully updated with All-Star gear. The new client with the All-Star gear included is available for download here: DugoutHeroes_20090703_media.exe\

Anyone who signs up for the free PC-based baseball game during the month of July will automatically get the All-Star gear. Click here to sign up!

Existing users will also get the All-Star patch for free as a gift when they redeem the following code GA024708AF495D6 on the Free GamesCampus Coupon page.

This special All-Star event is only good through the end of July, so make sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer now!

  • You can sign up to play MLB Dugout Heroes here.
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