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Champions Online Nemesis Showdown Video

Posted Mon, Jul 13, 2009 by Ethec

In the first of our highlight videos from this weekend's Champions Online PvP press event, Cryptic Studios CEO John Needham introduces us to the Nemesis system and updates us on the development progress of the game seven weeks before launch. Then Chief Creative Officer Jack Emmert talks a little bit about the history of Cryptic and Champions and what makes the game truly different, before Executive Producer Bill Roper takes the mike and demos character creation, nemesis creation, and a first ever look at a "showdown" instance where heroes will take on their arch-enemy and his (or her) minions for the very first time.

"The fact that when you look at this game, it's not fifty shades of gray or brown. This was an incredible battle with our artists, as all of you know from seeing other video games. But why so vibrant? Why this comic shading? Because we wanted to make sure that the comic books that many of us read through the eighties and nineties would come alive on the computer screen" - Jack Emmert

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