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Ten Ton Hammer Blog Update for Wednesday, April 04, 2007

  • So Your Wife Doesn't Let You GameÂ… - Market Saturation? Micajah discusses the concept of market saturation in his blog and argues against looking at the past to determine the current saturation of today's MMO marketplace.
  • Not Funny EverÂ… - Horror Games and Piddle Pants Coyote takes us on a study of terrorÂ…
  • So Your Wife Doesn't Let You GameÂ… - And So It Begins.. The public beta test for Age of Conan has begun, and Micajah couldn't be more excited.
  • Told You SoÂ… - Racial Profiling?Ralsu has seen some horrible treatment of people just because of race in his days. He takes a look at Vanguard to see if any races are separate but equal.
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