WoW: BlizzCon 2009 Razer Giveaway

Posted Sun, Jul 19, 2009 by Russell

Listen Up WoW lovers!!! Razer is going to be setting up one lucky gamer with two plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and two passes to BlizzCon 2009. It doesn't stop there! 20 other winners will be taking home either a Razer Deathadder or a Razer Gear package containing a Razer Messenger Bag and a Laptop Sleeve. What do you have do to in order to have a chance to win these great prizes? Easy!! Simply complete a couple of quests on the contest page. Get the code, turn it in, and collect the loot.
Blizzard has rallied its banners and this August, thousands will answer their call to descend upon California for gaming, glory, and loot. Those who answer the call will return heaped with tales and trinkets both envious and wondrous to behold. Their days will be filled with fallen paladins, hell born demons, and interplanetary conquest...and you could be among their numbers. Thanks to Razor and Blizzard - you can enter to win economy class airfare, hotel, and two passes for a trip to BlizzCon 2009!
Go to the contest page here!
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