Champions Online: 10 PvP Tips from the Devs

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So you've read all about what makes PvP in Champions Online different than in any other MMO you've played. Now for the fun stuff: tips to help us get a leg up on the competition! We asked Champions Online PvP Designer James Laird and Producer Rob Overmeyer for some hints and strategies to help us get started on player vs. player pwnage, and they delivered in a big way... er, make that 10 big ways!

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“It’ll be interesting to see how the community goes through the powers options. There are no classes, so it’s not like ‘just roll feral’ or ‘just go ranged DPS.’ So there will be those builds, like ‘I just picked the three powers that maximize my crit, and I have an anti-fly and a self-heal, and I’m self-sustatining.’" - Rob Overmeyer

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