WoW Comic Contest - Submit Your Comics Today!!

Posted Wed, Jul 22, 2009 by Russell

Do you love WoW and have a artist in you just ready to burst out? Well here is your chance!! BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC., A DELAWARE CORPORATION, AND TOKYOPOP is sponsoring the World of Warcraft Comic Contest. Each month they will select one winner to receive three (3) volumes of Blizzard-specific manga selected by Sponsor.
We're typically looking for short and funny comics that are less than one page in length. We will still consider comics that are very text-heavy and that are not necessarily funny, but please remember that delivery is key! If your comic isn't immediately entertaining in some way, it's probably a good idea to rework it before you submit it.
Have a comic to submit? It's not too late to enter the comic contest. Read the offical rules!, and submit your comics! today!
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