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Aion PvP Q&A with Producer Brian Knox

Posted Fri, Jul 24, 2009 by Cody Bye

Will PvP predominate the Aion experience? What shape will PvP take when North American and European players get deeper into the core PvP play and the Abyss? Players have a number of questions about Aion PvP, and Aion Producer Brian Knox was at San Diego Comic-Con 2009 to clear things up and reveal a little more about Aion's endgame!

Ten Ton Hammer: In some previous interviews, you've discussed PvE and PvP being separate. Is that really the case? I've been hearing about people who were in PvE having to engage in PvP against people that came to their area via portals and things like that. What's the real PvP scope of Aion look like?

Brian Knox: Basically the scope is that PvE and PvP are blended together in Aion. That said, you can choose your path as far as where you want to go and you're not penalized if you want to switch your mindset partway - if you want to go from PvE to PvP and vice versa.

Ten Ton Hammer: So that's where everyone was confused.

Brian: One of our major aspects of the game is the concept of earning Abyss points. You can earn these via PvP and PvE. So for instance if you're out kill the Balaur, you can get - let's say - ten Abyss points. And if you're killing players you get ten Abyss points. You can earn the same gear by killing either the Balaur or the PvP.

You might make different choices in your gear depending on your playstyle, but you're still earning points in a particular direction. You don't have to "restart" if you decide that you want to play something different than PvP or PvE.

Ten Ton Hammer: What about players that are in a dungeon or engaged in active PvE? Is there a chance for them to get ambushed?

Brian: There's world PvP, but we also instanced PvP as well. When we launch there's going to be sixteen new instances than what their is in beta. Everyone knows that you're going in to fight against other players. But in the world PvP, if you're on the Abyss you're putting yourself out there on the line. That's also where a lot of the good rewards are and - I think - where a lot of the fun is in Aion.

That said, if you're on your side of the world, eighty to ninety percent of what you're doing is basic PvE. Players can receive these "infiltration quests" however where they can jump through portals and go to the other side of the world. There's a whole system in place to help stop griefing and that sort of thing, but it still keeps you on your toes. It should remind them that a battle is still occurring without having them be constantly harassed.

Ten Ton Hammer: Let's say players are in an end game raid sort of scenario. Is there any way for players from the opposing faction to get into that raid and mix things up with other players?

Brian: If it's an Abyss raid, then yes. It could happen. But that's the way the Abyss is designed. If you're in an instanced raid that is your special little piece of the world.

Ten Ton Hammer: Can you go all the way to the end game while staying on your floaty little continent?

Brian: Certainly.

Ten Ton Hammer: Is the gear a little bit better in the Abyss? What's the draw to go there?

Brian: There are some good pieces to be attained in the higher level PvE questing, but a lot of the really awesome rewards are in the Abyss.

There are a lot of great quests in PvE though, and we wanted players to enjoy PvE where players are enjoying what they're doing without feeling like they're being harassed all the time. We think the Abyss creates an environment where everyones on an even playing field with the different factions. You're just always aware of what's going on.

Ten Ton Hammer: What does fortress PvP look like?

Brian: There are three tiers to the Abyss. There's a bottom layer, a top layer, and then the middle, core layer. Each of these layers is progressive in level. The Abyss is a lot of the end-game, but it's not like you need to level to fifty to do it.

In a lot of games, your pay off feels like it comes at the end...in the Abyss, you really can start into the action at level twenty-five and the entire lower area is really geared towards that sort of player. You'll be able to start sieging things and helping out with fortresses at level twenty-five.

Eventually you'll graduate to the top level and then eventually to the middle, core area.


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