Bringing MMOs to Consoles - A Discussion with Turbine

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While the news that Turbine is in the process of creating a console massively multiplayer online game may not be entirely novel, up to this point the gaming community has heard very little about the actual development of said title and how Turbine is handling the relatively new frontier in massive gaming. At this year's San Diego Comic-Con, Ten Ton Hammer's Cody “Micajah” Bye sat down with Henrik Strandberg, Executive Director of Product Development for Turbine, to first discuss his company's achievements with revitalizing the Dungeons and Dragons Online franchise and then exploring the hurdles and advantages when creating an MMO for the console market. The discussion is frank and genuine, so if you're interested in learning more about the future of DDO and Turbine's console MMO, keep reading.

Ten Ton Hammer: So you’re not stopping with the PC stuff, you’re expanding your horizons a little bit?

Strandberg: Exactly. We love our PC MMOs as much as everyone else.

Ten Ton Hammer: It’s certainly a different sort of style and different sort of experience for sure.

Strandberg: Those are the two obvious things. It’s a challenge for the designers and engineers to migrate our design philosophy and our code architecture from the PC to console. Then a lot the things I have been working on is… everything else. A lot more goes into launching and operating an MMO. Maybe a lot of people don’t see this because mostly they just look at the gameplay, but on top of that there is the whole service aspect, what we call online operations.

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