Sins of a Solar Spymaster #22 – The Seven Types of Spy

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EVE Online is practically the only game where one can assume the role of a spy in an environment where intelligence gathering is necessary and makes a real impact, and won't get you banned. While only a tiny percentage of the playerbase ends up dabbling in the metagame, a significant number became interested in the game in the first place due to the widely publicized efforts of famous agents.

In the latest edition of Sins of a Solar Spymaster, the Mittani takes a look at the seven general types of agent in New Eden who have the will to persevere through some of the less glamorous aspects of the spy business:

It takes a keen eye to determine what will cause maximum distress in an enemy, and the Sadists have it. These guys tend to have an attitude somewhere between bitterness and utter contempt for the organization they've infiltrated, and they respond to the stresses of the job by trying to cause as much interpersonal misery as possible - and then publish it.

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