Horde Outland Leveling Guide (Hellfire Peninsula)

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Hellfire Peninsula Leveling Guide

Welcome to TenTon Hammer’s Horde Outland Leveling Guide. This guide starts with you being either level 58 or level 60. Don’t worry if you’re a level in-between or a little bit ahead. Check out this page for instructions and our top hints for leveling up.

The first step you’re going to want to take is to go through the Dark Portal. This starts with the quest “Through the Dark Portal” available outside of the Dark Portal in the blasted lands. Take the road south of the Nethergarde Keep to arrive at your destination. A representative of the Horde is here who offers the quest.

The next step is to walk through the glowing green portal into the Stairs of Destiny in Hellfire Peninsula. Here you’ll be given the followup quest Arrival in Outland which leads to Journey to Thrallmar. This quick quest chain will reward you with some experience and a flight to Thrallmar. Go ahead and accept the flight and journey to the first major quest hub in Outland.

Once you’re in Thrallmar turn in “Journey to Thrallmar” and accept “Report to Nazgrel” which leads to “Eradicate the Burning Legion”. Turn that quest in and get “I Work for the Horde!”, “Bonechewer Blood,”  and “Felspark Ravine”.

Our first goal is to get the new gear available in Outland so we can withstand the next series of quests. Our first quest combo will “Bonechewer Blood” and “I Work for the Horde” both of which are done right outside of Thrallmar. Pretty easy. Get the blood from the Bonechewer Orcs and the wood/metal from the ground. Once this is finished head over to (63,36) and kill one Dreadcaller, four Flamewalker Imps, and six Infernal Warbringers. There shouldn’t be much difficulty in that. When you are finished head back to Thrallmar and accept “Burn it Up for the Horde!,” “Forward Base: Reaver’s Fall,” and “Apothercary Zelana.”

Let’s get “Burn It Up For The Horde!” done in a jiffy. (55,53) for the Western Cannon and (60,52) for the Eastern Cannon. They’re hard to miss and right across the ridge outside of Thrallmar. Once done, feel free to return and turn it in.

Head to Reaver’s Fall (65,43) and turn in the quests there and accept “Disrupt Their Reinforcements” and “Spinebreaker Post”.

Head to (70,45) for the first portal you need to blowup for “Disrupt Their Reinforcements” and start farming demons until you have about three Demonic Rune Stones (you’ll get the fourth generally clearing the second portal out). Destroy the first portal and then head to (74,38) and destroy the second one. They need two stones each, but they’re easy to come back. Return to Reaver’s Fall.

Turn in the quest and accept “Mission: Gateway’s Murketh and Shaadrez”. This is a simple bombing run where you have to destroy two portal portals. Click the item and then the ground on the portal and you should be done in no time. Return and pickup “The Abysmal Shelf.”

“The Abysmal Shelf” is an easy bombing run, but you need to be quick. If you fail to get all of the targets within the designated time you will find yourself having to go through the long flight again. Once that is complete turn in the quest, receive “Return to Thrallmar,” and then head back over to Thrallmar.

In Thrallmar accept the quest “Forge Camp Mageddon.” Go to (65,29) and start killing Gan’arg until you have ten of them. If you see Razorsaw go ahead and kill him too, but be sure the area around him is clear otherwise you’ll get your face smashed in. He will drop a quest item (Burning Legion Missive) that’ll give you the quest “Vile Plans.” It’s a 100% drop. When you’re done return to Thrallmar.

Pickup the quest “Cannons of Rage” and “The Assassin.” “Falcon Watch” should also be available at this time. Return to where you were at (65,29) and kill the cannons until the quest is complete. Return to Thrallmar and pickup “Doorway to the Abyss”.

Go to (53,27) and kill Arix’Amal and use his item on the nearby gateway. Make sure it’s clear around him before you pull otherwise, like Razorsaw, he’ll smash your face in. Otherwise he’s an easy to kill mob. Again, return to Thrallmar and turn the quest in, but SKIP Cruel’s Intentions. It’s a difficult elite and we’re skipping all group quests.

Walk to Spinebreaker Post (the southern part of Hellfire Peninsula) or take the bird at (66,43) at Reaver’s Fall. Here accept “Boiling Blood,” “Make Them Listen,” “Preparing the Salve,” “The Warp Rifts,” and “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush.”

“Preparing the Salve” can be done now. The Spineleaf are directly outside of Spinebreaker. When you have completed getting them (you can put it off and do it at a later point or just get them as you walk around) you can turn it in and get “Investigate the Crash.”

Go to (49,74) and get “In Case of Emergency…”

(pick up broken parts all over the ground) and “Ravager Egg Roundup.” I personally skip the Ravager Egg Roundup and pickup the parts while I do the next couple of quests. When you have the parts just run it back whenever you have time. There is a followup that will take you back to the Warp Rifts (50,80) which is easy and simple to do. Any other followups can be skipped.

Head towards (65,78) and kill the Unyielding there to finish the quest. A Myseterious Tome will drop which will give you the “Decipher the Tome” quest. Feel free to run back to Spinebreaker at any time and turn the quest in to get “The Battle Horn.”

Once you have “The Battle Horn” head to (54,83) and finish it there.

Return back (“Make Them Listen” should be done by now) and get “Bloody Vengeance.” Go to (63,77) at the ramp and use the horn. Ghost will help you so feel free to back up and let them get agro on the enemy.

Return to Spinebreaker Post and get “Honor the Fallen.” Run to (56,77) to turn the quest in. You’re now finished with this quest line. Oh, and feel free to drag any enemies to the quest turnin. You don’t need to bother killing them.

 Head to “The Warp Rifts” at 50,80 and enter near a purple glowing thing and use the generator to spawn voidwalkers. Kill three and head back to Spinebreaker Post. You’ll be given the followup “Void Ridge.”

Go to Zeth’Gor (65,70) and kill orcs for their blood. You’ll need to boil the blood in the cauldron at (65,70) for it to qualify as a proper quest item.

While you’re here go to (68,75) for “Wanted: Worg Master Kruush” (you can also get blood while walking there). When these two quests are done head to (77,68).

At (77,68) you will be in The Void Ridge. Kill the voidwalkers here for 40 shards. The collapsing voidwalkers will explode, so back up when they start channeling. When you’re done run back to Spinebreaker Post.

Turn in all of your quests and get “Zeth’Gor Must Burn!,” “The Eyes of Grillok,” and “From the Abyss.” Go to 81,78 and use the item to spawn Baron Galaxis. He’ll come with two adds, but if you focus on him you shouldn’t have much of a problem. Head back up to Zeth’Gor.

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