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WoW Shaman Guide: Gems and Enchants for Your Shaman

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That hard work you put in to gear up your shaman whether it be grinding out faction rewards, questing, 5 man instances, or the many hours you put in with PvE raiding. Now it's time to enhance your gear with gems and enchants. Don't be a noob and run around Dalaran with naked purple gear! Join Russell as he guides you through World of Warcraft Shaman Guide Gems and Enchants.

DonÂ’t be afraid to spend some of that gold youÂ’ve been amassing. Of course thatÂ’s no reason to spend your cash haphazardly. You can down rank some of those gems and enchants until you get an item you are sure is going to last for awhile. If you get a Tier 8.5 piece, you SHOULD enchant it to the best possible, since thereÂ’s nothing better than Tier 8.5 at the moment. As a rule, if you have any socketed items, get a gem into them ASAP.
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