WoW Weekly Report - The Overpull for 8/11/09

Updated Tue, Aug 11, 2009 by Medeor

The biggest patch in World of Warcraft has brought so many changes to the game that it can barely be contained in one edition of the Overpull. Lucky for us we have many more weeks to keep hashing through the details.

It is pretty apparent that some of the changes are being received a little more readily than others. Lower mount requirements, flying in Wintergrasp, and capping Warsong Gulch matches at 20 minutes are all winners. On the other hand, tossing out epics like Halloween candy and struggling to get around the "Instance is full" messages aren't making Medeor a happy camper.

This week in a bittersweet Overpull we look at the last big patch before we start discussing expansions and Blizzcon. If you want to skip right to the chase, drop in on our forums.

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