Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer Interview with Craig Morrison

By Stacy Jones -

Funcom recently released details of the first expansion for Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures titled 'Rise of the Godslayer'. Ten Ton Hammer got the chance to speak with Age of Conan Game Director, Craig Morrison about what's in store for players with the upcoming expansion. New loot, new mounts, and new skills are all on the horizon.

Each of the twelve factions (ten main factions and two hidden ones) have armor sets that come in four complete tiers, and offer other rewards, like weapons and consumables. In each of the four faction ranks an entire armor set becomes available to you, so itÂ’s not just boots and gloves at tier one, helmet at tier two etc, each rank you achieve allows you to get your hands on a complete set! Then there are the new tier four class armors and weapons on top of the general dungeon and quest rewards that players will be able to attain.

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