Codemasters Loses ArchLord License to Webzen

By Stacy Jones -

ArchLord is about to come under new management as Codemasters is losing rights to host the game in Europe and North America. After several weeks of negotiations with the games Korean developer, NHN, Codemasters was unable to reach an agreement to extend their licensing rights. ArchLord is now in the transition phase to the new host, Webzen. The last full day of service will be on October 1st, 2009. On Friday October 2nd, the ArchLord world servers will be shut down.

Luckily, the new transition FAQ will alleviate the concern of losing any characters. All game data and information will be passed to Webzen. Personal data and information will not be exchanged, so you will need to acquire a transition key to access your account once Webzen takes over.

  • Read the transition FAQ here and visit the future ArchLord site here.
  • Dicuss this and more on our forums.
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