Dragon Age: Origins Screenshots - Ogres, High Dragons, Magic, and Origins

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Up until this point, much of the content you've seen regarding Dragon Age: Origins has been a mere sampling of what you might expect from the game. There have been reports on the importance of choice, the similarities between DA:O and the Baldur's Gate series, and even an article or two about the marvelous tool set. Brace yourselves because the floodgates have now opened. Starting with these screenshots and concept artwork, Ten Ton Hammer will be unveiling our in-depth hands on impressions for approximately the first four to six hours of the game, including a look at two different origins. Excited? You should be.

Below you'll find a treasure trove of screenshots and concept artwork divided into appropriate sections. You may have already seen some of these screenshots before, but some are also brand new. Please use this "table of contents" to find the images you're looking for, or simply scroll through the pages to enjoy it all!

The Fade

Origin Stories: City Elf

Origin Stories: Dalish Elf

Origin Stories: Dwarf Commoner

Origin Stories: Dwarf Noble

Origin Stories: Human Noble

Origin Stories: Mage

High Dragon in the Wilds

Magic in Action

Ogre Battle

Concept Art

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