AoC "Rise of the Godslayer" Video Overview from PAX 2009

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Age of Conan Game Director Craig Morrison takes us on a stunning visual tour of Khitai, the Far Eastern styled setting for Rise of the Godslayer. Players will begin their Khitai experience in the 20-40 range, possibly making this the perfect bridge to the endgame for those that found AoC's post-Tortage experience lacking.

Revel in the Sino-Korean inspired visuals, learn about a renewed emphasis on faction warfare in the expansion and the new alternate advancement system, and see the capstone of the Khitai experience: a tiger or wolf pet that can be tamed for a pet or used a mount as part of very compelling multi-part quest. It's all in this no-CG, in-game video only demo with Craig Morrison from PAX 2009!

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