Earth Eternal Interview with Creative Director Matt Mihaly

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Earth Eternal first caught our attention as a unique take on the newly emerging browser based MMOG genre. We were able to continue our conversation with CEO and Creative Director of Sparkplay Media, Matt Mihaly, and get some more answers about what has been going on with EE since our last conversation. The company was able to raise some venture capital last year and has fleshed out their game even more. We discuss those additions as well at look at what makes Earth Eternal different from other free-to-play games on the market today.

Ten Ton Hammer: Earth Eternal boasts an incredible number of races: 22 in all, covering most of the animal kingdom (the land dwellers, anyway). What makes each race different or special, given that none has a gameplay advantage over another?

Nothing is different in terms of functionality. We made the decision to allow players to choose their in-game look and divorce it from their function. We wanted to ensure that if you wanted to be a Mage, for instance, you didn’t have to be one of a few races in order to be an effective Mage. We may implement non-functional differences between races, like race-specific emotes, but we don’t intend to create statistical differences between the races.

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