WoW: An Inside Look at The World of The World of Warcraft.

Posted Fri, Sep 18, 2009 by Medawky

From the Game Developers Conference 2009 in Austin comes an interesting story that millions of players have always wondered about but never before had an answer, what goes on behind the scenes to make WoW happen? Gamasutra has published a look at Thursdays keynote speech from Blizzard's very own J. Allen Brack and Frank Pearce.

The Blizzard Online Network services group is Pearce's next focus. A huge group, they have data centers from Texas to Seoul, and monitor over 13,250 server blades, 75,000 cpu cores, and 112.5 terabytes of blade RAM. He points out the picture of the GNOC in their slideshow, a data core that even has televisions tuned to the weather stations. They use those to ensure that conditions of the data center are up to their standards; with only a staff of 68 people they ensure connectivity across the globe for the numerous WoW servers.
Hardware numbers were not the only bits of insider info offered up by the pair, every integral part of the team that makes it possible for you to enjoy WoW was spotlighted.

Check out the entire article here, rarely will you ever get this much information from the gaming giant about it's most closely guarded commodity. Kudos to them for opening up and sharing something truly interesting, and not just the usual drivel we are used to getting.

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