Mana Potion Comes Up with Creative Way to Play Aion and Get Fit

By Stacy Jones -

The guys behind the Mana Potion energy drink have come up with a creative way to play Aion and get in shape at the same time. By hooking up a treadmill and a couple of Nintendo Wii controllers, the two were able to level up their characters and get a workout at the same time. The script and instructions on how to hook things up have been added to the Mana Potion website. The video is rather comical as the two try to fly to the top of a citadel in Aion only to discover they might not be in good enough shape to make it to the top.

Here at Mana Energy Potion, we realized we're going to be playing a lot of NCsoft's new MMO Aion over the next few months, and we might as well get in shape while doing it. We decided to hook a treadmill to the game so to run forward we had to run at over 6mph on the treadmill, and if we wanted to fly, we'd have to flap our arms, look silly, but tone our upper bodies. Eli doesn't need to get in any better shape, but I certainly do.

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