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GodsWar Online: F2P Game Highlights Holy Suit Systems

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GodsWar Online, a free-to-play MMOG, has implemented its long awaited Holy Suit System for characters level 70 and above. The system is a way for players to essentially "level up" their gear. Players of level 100 can also add a further level of customization and power by adding a Holy Stone, similar to item socketing found in other MMOGs.
Holy Suit Quality

Ordinary armor pieces include green, blue and purple types sorted by quality, but in the new Holy Suit System players now have bronze, silver and gold armor types. Each new category signifies the relative effectiveness of a given Holy Suit.

Initially crafted using Holy Wares, players can further strengthen their Holy Suits by transferring a portion of their own EXP into a suit with a special item called a Holy Box. This allows players to improve their gear just by earning EXP, rather than having to endlessly farm to find just the right pieces.

Holy Stones

Holy Stones have a unique function in the Holy Suit System. Although mounting them on a Holy Suit won’t make a player invincible, they can boost both offensive and defensive power to give players control over their final stats. As an added bonus, Holy Stones imbue suits with a visible aura to help players stand out in a crowd.

There are two types of Holy Stones: heated and cooled. Heated stones improve offensive capabilities while cooled stones boost defensive stats. To give players even more control over the properties of their suits, a Holy Stone’s main function is determined by the type of Holy Spirit inserted. Players have numerous offensive and defensive Holy Spirits to choose from when creating the perfect suit.
You can check out the official announcement, as well as see the complete system details here
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