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Angels Online Opens New PvP Server

By Stacy Jones -

Angels Online's latest update is bringing a new server dedicated to the brutality known as PvP (Player vs Player). The new server is appropriately named after the god of war, Ares and will offer players the chance to level up with planned doubled experience events.

Angels Online: PK on the War Gods Private Server

With the release of the latest version of Angels Online, IGG has finally brought their players the one thing that they have been calling for, a place dedicated to the fine art of PVP.

This new server bears the name of the war god Ares, and has been designed to offer players everything theyÂ’ve come to know and love about Angels Online, while providing a focus on PVP. Actually, about the only thing players wonÂ’t find are maps of the 4 main cities and a few special maps. Every other field scene has been included to offer players the widest ranging PVP experience possible. Now, if you canÂ’t wait for the Totem Battle each week, you can let off some steam here.

For those brave enough to venture into this intense new server, the AO team has readied their usual heaping helpings of double exp and skill exp when they take a break from PVP to do some good olÂ’ fashioned monster stomping. With the proper exp potions, itÂ’s even possible for players to take full advantage of the double exp event by getting 3x exp. With all the bonus exp theyÂ’re giving away, it should take only a month or so to get a high level character ready for the intense action.

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