Letter from the Game Director - September 2009

By Stacy Jones -

Game Director Craig Morrison is updating the Age of Conan Hyborian Adventures community about the coming Veteran Rewards program and a new level 80 instance set to release with the next update called The Iron Tower. Veteran points will be given on a retroactive basis for each month players have paid for their account.

Veteran Points and how you earn them
Players will be awarded new veteran points for each month that they have paid for (whether it is through subscription or game-cards). Each month that a player pays for will accrue a certain number of points, with the number of points awarded each week (months I guess?) growing after each six-month period they have subscribed for. In addition there is a bonus amount awarded at each six month interval. These numbers are still subject to possible change over the next couple of weeks as the system gets put through it paces on the test server.

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