GodsWar Online's Latest Update Adds New Guild and Instance Options

By Stacy Jones -

GodsWar Online's latest update is providing guild members with the chance to claim 14 hours of double experience and opening up new team instance options. The new option will allow players to initiate a vote to stop running an instance, but terminating will still count against the instance entry limit.

GodsWar Online: Latest Patch Now Live 

The latest update for GodsWar Online is now live. Version 1.0.254 introduces new instances and improved features. Download the latest version at to start experiencing all this update has to offer. Some notable changes include guild perks for doubling EXP and talent points, new team/instance options, and improved AFK controls.

Double EXP and TP for Guild Members
This new feature lets guild members double the EXP and talent points they receive from defeating monsters within a limited time period. Every guild member can claim 14 hours EXP/TP bonus time in a given week.

Visit the [Guild] Welfare Supervisor and ask him to activate the doubling period for the week. Guild leaders and vice-leaders have the ability to extend the doubling period, but only at the expense of the guildÂ’s resources.

New Team/Instance Options
Players can now delegate leadership of a team. The team leader can transfer the role to another member of the team.

Also, players can now elect to stop running an instance. To do so, the team leader must initiate a vote asking members if they want to terminate the challenge. Once the vote tallies 50% in favor of termination, the system will cancel the challenge. Rewards may be collected based on how much of the instance was completed. The termination will count against the entry limit for the instance.

Improved AFK Feature
The F12 key is now the only one that activates and deactivates the AFK feature. This modification ensures players auto-attacks will not be disrupted when retrieving items from enemies or teaming up with friends.

For the full patch notes, visit on the official website.

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