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Angels Online - New Pet Class Announced

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Angels Online has introduced a new pet class to this popular free-to-play title. Pets already play a large role in the AO world,  but the newest pets take that role a step further. The newly announced Sword Pet will gain size and power as you level it and become a potent weapon to aide you in combat.

Here is a look, from the official announcement, at what the pet can become over time:

The latest update includes a new and unique class of pets, the Sword Pet. Angels can raise these living weapons to become truly awesome combat sidekicks. Coming in five distinct advanced forms, sword pets are the latest addition to the game's diverse selection of creature cohorts.

Whether animal, vegetable, or mineral, in-game pets accompany their masters on their journeys and adventures, and sword pets are no different. These sword-shaped entities can't make faces like other pets, but they do change shape over time depending how they are raised. Players will see their pet grow from a small dagger into a large and deadly weapon that magically floats alongside its master, ready to unleash its power on any enemy. Check out a summary of their abilities and bonuses below.

Metatron's Broadsword ????
Surrounded by flames, this huge broadsword possesses outstanding attack and defense abilities. Powerful assistant skills also play an important role in combat.

Giant God's Sword ????
Purple rays of light shine from an ancient sword that is famous for its excellent defense abilities and holy magic power. Acting as both a bodyguard and a healer, this sword pet does its best to help its master survive the many dangers found in the world of Eden.

Bloody Beast's Tooth ?????
One of the most powerful weapons in Angel history, this fierce-looking sword pet has five sharp blades that resemble beastly teeth. Its attributes and attack skills are second to none, so it's always ready to tear through enemy hordes on its master's behalf.

Evil Dragon's Spine ????
The mysterious Evil Dragon's Eye adorns this legendary sword, bathing it in a strange green light. With formidable defensive abilities and bonus fire damage, having this pet at your side is the next best thing to a real dragon, without the monstrous appetite.

Royal Blade ????
This gorgeous blade casts powerful magic spells to attack all nearby targets, making it a valuable ally against swarming monsters.

No matter which one you might choose, these sword pets are eager to put their powers to good use smiting the villainous forces of the Evil Lyceum. Log in and unsheathe one today!

Visit the Angels Online website for more information.
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