Goonswarm's Darius Johnson at the EVE FanFest 2009 Alliance Panel

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Former GoonSwarm CEO Darius Johnson stole the show again this year at the EVE FanFest 2009 Alliance leaders panel. Arriving 30 minutes late and dressed in full "aeronaut" attire, Johnson did his yearly review of propaganda and fan mail from CCP censors, offered his artistic take on the Delve war, showed off some disturbing images from Goon gatherings, and did the Goons proud by answering audience questions to the best of his visibly intoxicated ability.

It's just about the best 20 minutes of video coming out of this year's FanFest, so hide your children (profanity, lots of it - not safe for work), forgive the shakycam (this was an impromptu recording), and have a look!


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