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Are Holiday Themed Events in MMOGs Good or a Waste of Resources?

Updated Thu, Oct 08, 2009 by mattlow

Holiday themed events have become a staple in MMOGs in recent years, but can new games, such as Champions Online, afford to divert the resources that can be used to create permanent content to make seasonal content? Ten Ton Hammer’s intrepid man of mystery, Mattlow, is here to explore this important issue.

An established game has very little problems when it comes to spending developer time working on holiday themed events. Those games already have a good deal of content, have had a lot of bugs and flaws worked out, and (hopefully) a solid subscriber base. A new game, such as Champions Online, is still working out those problems, especially content and tweaking for balance. They need to address their problems quickly so as to keep their subscriber base happy. Sadly, the developers have their backs against the wall usually as that most MMOGs are released in an incomplete state due to the high costs of making an MMOG.

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