Craig Morrison Talks Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer

By Stacy Jones -

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer will offer content for both lower level and higher level players to enjoy. According to Game Director Craig Morrison, between levels 20-40 players can explore Khitai and sample the games faction system. In a recent interview with ZTGD, Morrsion also talks about the theme of the game and features coming with the Rise of the Godslayer expansion.

What happens is between levels 20 and 40 the players can play the Gateway to Khitai so when they leave the starting area at Tortage they can arrive in Khitai and go through quests between level 40, and then they'll have to return to the mainland for parts and then the content picks up again at level 80. So the majority of the content is for the level 80 players, is beyond the Great Wall...they can start to experience the faction system because the Great Wall kind of acts as this cool barrier for us that lower level players can get into Khitai and kind of explore around up to the gates of the wall and then it's the high level players that are actually powerful enough to be able to pass through the wall and experiences adventures in the other four play field regions ... We've ended up putting gameplay in the gate because originally we hadn't planned it. We asked the artists to make the Great Wall of China, that was our brief with some stylistic changes, we wanted the Great Wall of China across this mountain range.

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