WoW Weekly Report - 10/12/09 : " Requirements and Cleave"

Posted Tue, Oct 13, 2009 by Xerin

The Overpull, your World of Warcraft newsletter by Ten Ton Hammer, is out again this week bringing you all of the latest WoW news. This week we go into accounts, the The Guild, in game tower defense addons, and a lot more! We even ask if WoW's too generic and give some background on the Saurfang, the legend.

Broxigar was in the first, second, and third war. Then he traveled back in time with Rhonin and Krasus (that dude in Wyrmrest Temple) where he gets thrown in jail, broken out by Tyrande, and then helps in the final battle of the Well of Eternity. There he jumps through the well to where the Burning Legion was and starts cleaving. He keeps cleaving until there is a mountain of dead demons. He makes Sargeras mad and cleaves Sargeras, wounding his leg (and is the only person so far to even touch Sargeras). Sargeras kills him, hops out of the portal, and gets sent back thanks to that wound in his leg. Saurfang's brother saved Azeroth and killed about a billion demons with his cleave.

Read Issue 36 to learn about all kinds of cool things and get a good bit of news.

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