NCsoft Gives Players Plenty of Tricks and Treats this Halloween

By Stacy Jones -

NCsoft is bringing in Halloween with events across all their games. Aion, Exteel, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and the Lineage series will be bringing in holiday events to give players the opportunity to earn some Halloween goodness. Through festivals and events, players can earn rewards for their character during the holiday festivities.

In honor of Halloween, NCsoft is providing its players with additional in-game content and activities to get into the holiday spirit. Along with in-game events, quests, costumes and contests across NCsoftÂ’s portfolio of games, including Aion, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, Lineage, Lineage II and Exteel, players will find themselves face-to-face with zombies, werewolves, undead creatures and plenty of other foul dwellers along the way.

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