Halloween Comes to GodsWar Online

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Adding another name to the long list of MMOGs celebrating the spooky season, GodsWar Online has unveiled it's own take on the popular holiday. The game will host five different events, including trick or treating with a GM for the chance at a special prize.

Event I: Creepy Night
Players need to go through a series of designated quests for Toffees, which they can then exchange for Exp and various rewards.

Event II: Exorcizing
1 NPC of a young female Halloween Envoy, dressed in a Halloween suit, will be introduced at the center of the main city. Level 20+ players will get a Halloween suit and a Halloween Wand from the Envoy. Use the magic Wand on the Halloween Devils and you will be in for a heck of a night! Tap them with the wand and the Halloween Devils return to the Pumpkin Candy they used to be! Exchange Pumpkin Candy for cool rewards - character Exp, character Talent, Pet Exp, Zodiac energy and more, just by visiting the Halloween Envoy.

Event III: Trick or Treat

The GM will appear randomly in the main city during the event. Players must find the GM and yell Trick or Treat. If the GM is impressed, the GM will give you a gift.

Event IV: Ghost Invasion
On Halloween, ghoulish beings of all sorts come out to play. They aren't used to being around people though, and some of them may get a bit out of hand – they only get to come out once a year after all. Take up arms against all the scary and dangerous creatures roaming the land, and you'll receive some spooky rewards. You must defeat the Boogeyman to get the Sheepskin Scroll. Collect Sheepskin Scroll 1- Sheepskin Scroll 6, and then you can redeem them for a Common Pumpkin from a GM in the event.

Event V: Fashion Contest
Show us your customized Halloween costume! Let's see who has the creative talent to design the most awesome Halloween costume of them all. Participants must model their Halloween-themed costumes on one of the GWO characters. We will reward the top 4 costumes with cool prizes after a careful evaluation.
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