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Finding Group Content in Aion

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YouÂ’ve emptied your inventory, bought a good supply of potions, and have gathered 5 of your best gaming mates together in Aion. So now what?

With the encouragement of solo content, group content has gotten a bit harder to find and out of the way. This guide will tour through the group content for the first half of the game so you and your group know where to go to make the most of your grouped time.

Ellun River Mouth, Tursin Outpost, and Tursin Garrison will start you out at about level 16 and be worthwhile through level 20. Moving through your campaign quests will easily lead you through the area, but you can also pick up other quests from the guard post at Ellun River Mouth that will provide extra incentive to go through this group content.

Next time you've got a group, tackle the good content listed in this guide and you may never want to solo again. Be sure to pop by our forums and share with other players your favorite grouping spots.
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