Star Trek Online Abilities Q&A

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Warp Drives are humming with anticipation all over the galaxy as Star Trek Online continues to build towards engagement. With closed beta in full speed ahead mode, more details continue to emerge from Crypitc Studios about this highly anticipated title. This week we were fortunate enough to sit down and discuss the abilities system with Steve Nix, Combat System Designer and Craig Zinkievich, Executive Producer.

How do abilities work in STO? Does your race play a factor in your characters overall capabilities? Does STO finally succeed at breaking the traditional MMOG pigeon-holing of class roles? Join Ten Ton Hammer this week as we delve into finding out the answers to these questions, and many more, in our Abilities Q&A.

"The roles are a little more blurred for Star Trek, certainly everyone is a capable DPS player, and you have to have that. Everyone has the ability to access and equip their ground characters with various weapons, there is not really weapon restrictions as to “oh you’re a science officer so you have to use this,” everyone has a wide variety of ground weapons and therefore everyone is dealing out a good deal of DPS."
You can check out the entire Q&A session here.
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