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Fallen Earth Announces Development of Real-Time iPhone Application

By Stacy Jones -

Fallen Earth, LLC, and Icarus Studios have announced the development of a new cross-platform application for the iPhone that will let players connect to servers for their MMOG, Fallen Earth. The new application will allow players to connect remotely and view their in-game character stats, trade skills, mutations, and more. The new application is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2010.

FALLEN EARTH, LLC, and Icarus Studios Inc., developers of the self-titled massively multiplayer online game (MMO), announced today the development of a cross-platform iPhone application, which allows players to connect into the live game server and interact with the game remotely via their iPhone.

Through the new iPhone application, players will have constant access to Fallen Earth, which has been one of the most critically acclaimed releases this year. Through its interactive features, the application will allow Fallen Earth players to view their in-game character stats, mutations and trade skills as well as provide access to equipped and stored items. Players will also have the capacity to view maps for each of the three sectors in the 1,000 square kilometers of the gameÂ’s landscape.

"Fallen Earth fans will have the ability to interact with the game when away from their PCs in a way never before seen in an MMO," said Dave Haydysch, Project Manager of Fallen Earth. "With the Fallen Earth iPhone app, players will be able to play many aspects of the game in real-time while on-the-go."

Scheduled for release in Q1 of 2010, the application will feature extensive real-time management of several key in-game systems. Players will be able to manage their crafting queue, view recipes, craft items, buy and sell items at the Auction House as well as interact with friends, Clan members and other online players through multiple chat channels, mail and private messaging.

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