Global Agenda Class Q&A: The Medic

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So far Global Agenda’s Recon and Assault classes have defied our expectations, but is the Medic class more than a healbotting ball-and-chain for the shock troops? As it turns out, the highly versatile Medic has a tools of both regeneration and destruction at hand and can be a formidable opponent, even solo. Join Todd Harris and Ten Ton Hammer for a candid review of the Medic’s capabilities.

Ten Ton Hammer: Obviously medics are all about keeping allies in the pink, but we learned in the assault class interview about how they can buff damage output and work some poison damage of their own.  What are the various support roles in combat that the medic fills?

Todd Harris, Global Agenda Executive Producer: They definitely have a variety of support options. They can do concentrated healing on a single target, they have a different option  of a channel heal that can heal multiple allies at the same time, there’s also a different option of lesser healing with a damage buff, and there’s also a variety of in-hand devices that can buff team damage temporarily or even increase team damage temporarily. So quite a few support options are available to the medic.

Ten Ton Hammer: And all of this supports the team while it’s in motion. The medic doesn’t deploy first aid kits or anything like that, correct?

Todd: That’s right. Robotics is the other class that has a healing device, that’s a deployable medic crate, but with the medic, all of the healing is emanating around the character.

Ten Ton Hammer: The assault / medic combination is a fairly classic duo from the Team Fortress series.  Are there other combos that work well – maybe medic  / robotics?

Todd: Assault and medic is definitely the most popular, and maybe people have been trained on that combination from Team Fortress 2.  But we see all the combinations and they each require different play styles. When the medic is healing an assault, that requires the most constant  attention  because the assault is usually under the most direct fire.

Recon agents usually come and call for you because you have to heal them in a way that doesn’t reveal their position for very long.  When you heal a recon, it will temporarily take him out of stealth and they spend the majority of their time in stealth. You don’t want to be healing a recon at the wrong time; you’ll do more damage than good.

Robotics agents – not all of them but certainly the ones with the engineering-style build – are all about constructing a fortification with turrets and forcefields. They’re often trying to keep those supported, so the medic is seeking them out and healing them at their locations.

Each scenario is very different and we also see medics running with other medics – where the other medic might be a damage dealing medic or maybe a hybrid. You’ll see that combination as well, where they’re alternating between doing damage and keeping their allies healed. That becomes  pretty annoying as well, to see two or three grouped together, channel healing themselves and topping each other off as they progress.

The Medic can take on a variety of roles in Global Agenda.

Ten Ton Hammer: When you say channel healing, what does that mean?

Todd: Channel healing for us is a heal gun that shows a beam and does healing to your chosen target. One healing device that we have is called the channel healgun, and if I left click I’m doing a more powerful heal on him, like a TF2 mechanic. If I right click and there are other allies in the area, it’ll basically chain between them and do significantly less healing, but I’m able to heal multiple targets that way.

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