The Overpull Issue 42 - "Elves, Elves, and Turkey!"

By David Piner -

Thanksgiving and Black Friday might be coming up soon, but in World of Warcraft we have Pilgrim's Bounty to worry about along with rogue Mohawk Grenades going off everywhere. This week we bring you an Overpull full of news, a new comic, talk about elves, and discussion about the BGs. Check in each Tuesday morning for a brand new Overpull that goes over everything in the past week.

Anyway, the Highborne were pretty much at the beck and call of Azshara. Azshara was their queen because… get this, SHE WAS THE BESTEST MOST PRETTIEST LOOKING ELF OF THEM ALL. I keep laughing everytime I think about it. Azshara wanted to make THE ENTIRE WORLD PRETTY, LOL, so they planned on using the WELL OF ETERNITY (say that with a reverb voice) to accomplish this. Biggest baddie out there Sargeras heard of this, mind control’d most of the Highborne, and sent ‘ol Mannorath, Archimonde, and Hakkar (demon not the troll guy) out to help Azshara out. Well, Illidan, Malfurion, Tyrande, Saurfang’s brother, Rhonin, and Krasus kicked some butt and sent Sargeras packing. Blah blah, this story is the usual, except with more CLEAVE.

The Overpull awaits!

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