Warhammer Online Updates Server Transfer Options for Phoenix Throne and Dark Crag

By Stacy Jones -

In response to the community about the recent server transfer options, Mythic has updated the server transfer options for Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne servers. The new update gives players of the two servers the option to transfer to Badlands, Gorfang, Iron Rock, or Volkmar. Originally, players of Phoenix Throne only had the option to transfer to Iron Rock or Badlnds, while Dark Crag was limited to Gorfang or Volkmar. The new option to transfer to any of the four servers is undoubtedly a welcome change for many players who initially protested the options in the initial transfer list.


In response to your feedback and to make your move even easier we have decided to open up transfers from the Dark Crag and Phoenix Throne servers to all other available servers. As previously announced this service will be available to characters on these two servers beginning Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009.

Phoenix Throne and Dark Crag players will now have the option of moving to the following servers:

Iron Rock

For more details about these transfers please see last weekÂ’s announcement: Free Server Transfers 12/2/2009

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