New EQ Expansion Announced at SOE Gamer Day

New EverQuest Expansion Announced at SOE Gamer Day

EverQuest has just celebrated its eighth anniversary, and the devs behind the venerable MMORPG just keep churning out great ideas.Their latest efforts - plus the name of their next expansion - are revealed in our look at EQLive... live from SOE gamer day!
"Continually and decisively shrugging off the usual prophets of doom and gloom, EverQuest (or EQLive) continues to go strong into its eighth year. Following the example of the previous compilation EverQuest Evolution, SOE has released a new retail / downloadable version of this touchstone MMORPG called EverQuest: Anniversary Edition which includes each of the expansion the game offers for the bargain price of US$ 19.99."
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