Guild Wars 2 Races of Tyria Trailer Q&A with Ree Soesbee - World Designer and Writer

By Stacy Jones -

Explore the races of Guild Wars 2 (GW2) with a new video trailer and Q&A with World Designer and Writer Ree Soesbee. In NCsoft's latest release of GW2 information, the five playable races are explored and players gain insight into each race and their respective homelands.

In the Races of Tyria, the latest preview video for NCsoftÂ’s upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2, we explore the world of Tyria through the eyes of the five playable races in the game. Meet the noble and resilient humans, the war-mongering charr, the brilliant inventors known as the asura, the mighty shapeshifting norn, and a new race of nature spirits, the sylvari. From these five races, mighty heroes shall rise!

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