Aion "Visions" Interview with Lance Stites

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After NCsoft's release of the "Visions" trailer the Aion gaming community went up in a flame of curiosity, excitement, and undoubtedly a little concern. Not much has been said regarding the trailer but Ten Ton Hammer was afforded the opportunity to ask a few questions about the trailer and the future of Aion.

Ten Ton Hammer: WeÂ’ve seen things such as mounts and underwater zones in the Visions video. How much of the content weÂ’ve seen is end-game content and how much of it will be available to new Aion subscribers?

NCsoft: ItÂ’s too early to tell, but needless to say weÂ’re aiming at striking a balance between end-game content and new content for new subscribers. We thank Executive Vice President, Game Operations and Production Lance Stites for taking the time to respond.

You can catch the rest of the interview here and please share your thoughts! NCsoft is sharing a look into what they are working on, but not much else is known, would you rather they have waited until they had solid release dates nailed down?
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