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Work Continues on Dreamlords Amidst Lockpick Entertainments Dissolution

By Stacy Jones -

Dreamlords is under new management as Lockpick Entertainment has been dissolved, but players might have missed this little fact as the servers and game are still up and running. Manning the helm is a small group of developers who continue to work on the game and manage community needs on a daily basis. The small group recently introduced themselves and their plans to re-launch the game and have posted a Q&A of what to expect in the coming months.

Lockpick Entertainment is no more. This is probably easy to miss, as the servers for the game are up and running and everything (just about) is working.

We are few in number but strong in our gnosis. While we can?t give the support we want at the moment, we still do our best to answer your questions, handle non-moderator events and squish bugs in the client.

  • Check out the full Q&A here.
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