Fallen Earth Offers New Promotional Items Through Direct2Drive

Posted Fri, Dec 18, 2009 by Martuk

Fallen Earth is offering a new promotional in-game item through their digital distribution partner Direct2Drive. The new item, a Wasteland Survival Kit, will be available with any Fallen Earth game purchase through Direct2Drive . The kit will provide new players with a few items to get them started on their way such as two Back Alley Experience Shots, a Wasteland Scavenging Tool, and more.

FALLEN EARTH, LLC today announced a new exclusive item with digital distribution partner of three months, Direct2Drive. The new item, a wasteland Survival Kit, will now be offered with all game purchases through Direct2Drive, providing new players with practical tools to get started in the apocalypse.

The wasteland Survival Kit includes everything a survivor of the apocalypse could ask for: two Back Alley Experience Shots, a Wasteland Scavenging Tool and Buddy Key.

When equipped, the Back Alley Experience shots provide players a five percent experience point boost, designed to aid new survivors through their first few days while also bringing them more up to speed. The Wasteland Scavenging Tool, which supplies an additional six points to the player’s scavenging skill, will assist players as they vie for scarce resources. And what would life in the apocalypse be without a friend? To help make that transition a smooth one, players will also receive a Buddy key.

“Direct2Drive has been a major player in Fallen Earth’s digital distribution since launch and we are pleased to be able to offer their customers a new item,” said Fallen Earth Marketing Manager, Jessica Orr.

To purchase the game via Direct2Drive, please visit: http://www.direct2drive.com/8838/product/Buy-Fallen-Earth-Download

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