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Player Pulls Off Huge Scam in Eve Online

Posted Tue, Dec 29, 2009 by Martuk

Curzon Dax, an Eve Online player obviously named after the Star Trek character, has perpetrated a massive scam in the game. After working out several deals for a number of ships, Curzon was able to get various players to invest over 374 billion ISK and on Christmas day he made the announcement that those people had been scammed.

My initial 50 billion ISK offering got me a list of investors. Over the following weeks and months, I got in touch with most of them in person (in addition to other people) and worked out private deals, where each person thought that they were going to privately fund a "shortage" in my IPO in exchange for one of my officer-fit ships. The bulk of my fund-raising came from that. There's a lot of folks who think that they're getting an officer-fit Golem, or a Paladin, or a CNR, or a Guardian-Vexor today.

Oddly, as one might expect, Curzon wasn't really flamed for the action, but rather received numerous praises on the forums. This may also be due to the fact that he gave away a huge sum of ISK on Christmas day to various people. He has since left the game and his former and newly acquired wealth has been left to others. The scam is presumably the one thing he had not done in Eve Online and I guess he wanted to go out with that final experience.

While I'm leaving Eve, and the parodies will disappear, all the wealth and officer gear I've acquired isn't going to waste - an unidentified recipient who knows who he/she is already is going to get...well, everything. They've worked hard to make Eve a great game, and my riches are going to be a salary for them that is long overdue, although they're probably rich enough already to make it pointless.

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