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Angel's Online Releases First In-Game Flying Mount

By Stacy Jones -

IGG recently announced the release of the first flying mount for Angel's Online with the Wind Pterosaur, the patron beast of Breeze Woods. The new mount has no level limitation and players can obtain the it through the game's Shell Mall. Angel's Online will also be holding a Double Shells event from January 6th to January 8th that will allow players to get even more Shells to purchase goods.

Wind Pterosaur, the patron beast of Breeze Woods, possesses more excellent attributes, especially its defence power than other ordinary mounts in Eden. Like other patron beasts, it has no level limitation. Everybody can travel the game world riding on a Wind Pterosaur, even if you are a newbie player.

Read more about the new mount and a special Shell Mall Double Shell event by clicking here.
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