Star Wars: The Old Republic Unveils Dromund Kaas and Threat of Peace #23

Posted Fri, Jan 08, 2010 by Martuk

This week BioWare released details about Dromund Kaas, the Imperial seat of power in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Home to the Emperor and Dark Council, this world was once completely forgotten. The isolated planet lay hidden in time until a fleet of Sith rediscovered it by chance after their defeat in the Great Hyperspace War.

Colonized in ancient times by the Sith Empire, the hyperspace coordinates of the Dromund Kaas were lost to time, allowing the isolated planet to fade into distant memory. Following a crushing defeat in the Great Hyperspace War, the handful of surviving Sith desperately sought to escape annihilation at the hands of their Jedi foes. The desperate Sith, leaving their collective destiny to chance, chose to forgo all known hyperspace routes and attempt a series of dangerously random hyperspace jumps and blind scouting missions. For 20 years the Sith armada drifted aimlessly in the forgotten regions of space before finally rediscovering the Dromund system.

BioWare also released the 23rd Issue of their webcomic Threat of Peace. The latest issue follows Master Dar’Nala's assault on the Sith in the ancient crystal caves of Dantooine.


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