Allods Online: Class Overviews Part 1 - Tanks Paladins and Scout Archetypes

Last week we took a look at the upcoming free-to-play MMOG – Allods Online.
Last week we took a look at the upcoming free-to-play MMOG – Allods Online. This week we delve a bit deeper into the game as we explore the classes available. Allods Online features 28 total classes spread amongst 8 archetypes with unique names based on the race chosen. This sounds like a ridiculously large number of classes but no “class” name is duplicated, and while no two members of an archetype are exactly the same the overall utility the class brings stays relatively constant. So what are the classes of Allods Online and what roles do they serve? What race and archetype combination sounds the most compelling? Over the next two weeks will help shed light on these questions as we break down first the melee and then the caster archetypes. Let us waste no more time and dive right in with the first part of our two part series – a look at the classes of Allods Online.


The Warrior archetype is the main tank archetype of the game and is broken down into four subsets –





Xadaganian(Empire Humans)

Not considered the strongest or most powerful of the tanking classes, the Vanquisher relies on cunning and innate abilities to reduce the amount of damage they take, especially from magic-based enemies, to protect their party.



The most prototypical of the tank classes, Brutes are big strong and fearsome. With the ability to increase their own strength the Brute is among the most lethal of the tanks.



The popular saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover” may be the most adequate description of the Gibberling Brawler. This tiny furball trio may not look like your ideal meathshield, but the Brawler relies on excellent combat skills, superior evasion and a firm belief in the mantra that three is better than one to overcome the odds.


Kanian(League Humans)

Unmitigated pride and a sense of superiority are the drive behind the Champion. Relying on confidence, smarts, and a ton of armor—the Champion is among the most capable front line defenders in the game.

While each of the four has a slightly different means, the end result is the same – protect your allies and take the brunt of the beating. Each faction offers a rough-andready or a finesse version for those who love to be the center of attention, which helps alleviate that dreaded faction envies that can occur when forced to play a class you don’t like in order to play a race/faction that you do. All Warriors can use plate armor once they reach level 20 and will be clad in leather in the early levels.


While Warriors are the primary choice for tanking, there is another option for those who like some versatility. The Paladin archetype, similar to the Paladins of many other fantasy games, is a magic-based plate wearer that is comfortable in several roles. Imbued with a sense of duty and destiny from the deity of their people, the Paladin believes their powers to be a divine manifest and their mission to be sacred. All Paladins start with leather armor and upgrade to plate at level 20.







Through a divine plea, the Avenger reduces all damage taken by their party to help achieve their personal crusade as a protector. One of the younger classes in game lore, the Avenger is a capable tank, decent healer and can be called on to resurrect fallen allies if need be.



The most offensive-minded of the group, the Reavers are an odd convert to the Paladin family. While most Orcs dismiss the teachings of a Kanian deity, the Reavers embrace the holy light as a method of gaining even more power. Reavers take the fight to the enemy and use special abilities to inflict heavy damage as well as drain their opponent’s mana.



Vanity and pride were the impetus for the Elves’ conversion to the powers of light. Elves, much like the Orcs, are not native followers of the holy teachings of the Kanians but rather converts who have used it as a means of gaining status in their personal pursuit of perfection. The Templar relies on melee power to subdue their enemies and hamper the effectiveness of the healing their foes receive.



The original holy warriors, Crusaders have battling threats to the Kanian way of life for many years. Relying on a balanced attack of magic and physical damage the Crusader is the embodiment of the traditional definition of a Paladin.

Every Paladin in the Allods universe derives their power from the same source, as fanatics from both factions justify their actions under the guise of devotion – a somewhat scary parallel to the real world.Players will again find the subtle differences that will cater to a preferred play style without locking them into a particular faction.


The final melee archetype, the Scouts are a diverse bunch who brings utility and raw DPS to their parties. Scouts rely on evasion and surprise attacks and are restricted to leather armor.






The Stalker is a balanced mix of stealth and power and they comprise the bulk of the Xadaganian forces. A skilled tactician the Stalker uses many tricks to subdue the enemy, and even if the Stalker itself is visible to the opponent, traps laid for the unsuspecting attacker may not be.



Orcs, as a rule, are an honor-bound society; the Marauder is the exception to that rule. The Marauder is a vicious killer who can lock onto a foe and prevent their escape, even if they could normally stealth or hide to retreat.



This sly and stealthy pack of hurt is among the most versatile in the Scout world. A master of all aspects of subterfuge, the Trickster thrives equally on stealthy attacks, tracking enemies or scouting an area for early detection of enemy forces. Their trapping ability is lethal and highly annoying to their prey.



The Ranger relies on quick and devastating attacks with their bow as well as the ability to get in and get out quickly using stealth. Rangers are master tacticians and are particularly lethal in numbers, using coordinated attacks to disorient and disable their enemies.

While comprising less than half of the game’s total number of classes, the melee combat archetypes are an essential and devastating component to each side’s war effort. Join us next week as we break down the final 16 classes of the game – the Caster archetypes.

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