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2029 Online In-game Radio Station Set to Go On-air

By Stacy Jones -

2029 Online In-game Radio Station Set to Go On-air

Get ready to rock like itÂ’s 2029! The team behind IGGÂ’s sci-fi MMO is putting the finishing touches on its new in-game radio station. Set to go on the air alongside the release of a new expansion, 2029 OnlineÂ’s ( radio station will feature daily, round-the-clock programming. With a combination of news, talk and music, there will be something for every player to enjoy.

There is no additional software installation required for players to receive the in-game broadcast on their computers. The station will stream live server-side.

The DJs will offer up a diverse selection of music, giving players a unique soundtrack every time they log in. The station will also be used to promote in-game events, broadcast live PvP matches, deliver breaking international news, offer up the juiciest celebrity gossip and provide up-to-the-minute pop culture updates. Players can even participate in a talk back program that gives them a chance to share their thoughts with the entire game world.

The in-game radio station will be a perfect place for 2029 Online players to share their own stories and game experiences, meet new friends and stay connected while enjoying their all-time favorite MMO. From tunes to talk, this groundbreaking new station will soon be beaming its signals straight to playersÂ’ brains. Are you ready?

About 2029 Online
In this sci-fi MMORPG, the story is centered on galactic interspecies discord that has erupted into war on an alien planet. The combatants have become entrenched, as each culture refuses to back down and takes up arms to fight for survival.

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