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IGN Previews Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer - Chosain Province

Posted Sun, Jan 17, 2010 by Martuk

IGN recently got the chance to check out one of the new areas that will be introduced to Age of Conan with the Rise of the Godslayer expansion. The crew was treated to a preview of Chosain Province, an ancient Eastern culture -inspired area. The land is embroiled in a conflict between two faction known as the Gun-Hai, found in the north, and Gun-Xiu to the south. One neutral city known as Shaulun is also being affected by the war of the other two factions and this conflict is one players will get to take part in, but it won't just be NPCs you're fighting as other players may get the same quest, leading to some hot PvP action.

Players can get involved with this conflict by choosing a side and fighting alongside them on a massive open battlefield, though quests will often place you in the midst of the action anyway. One quest, for example, pits you against a house full of thugs with the ultimate goal of beheading their leader. Sounds simple, right? Well, the opposing factions get the same quest, so you won't just be battling thugs -- you'll be battling players too.

You can read the full preview here.

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