CrimeCraft Executive Producer Talks About the Game's Features and Audience

WarCry recently got the chance to speak with CrimeCraft

WarCry recently got the chance to speak with CrimeCraft Executive Producer Matt McEnerney about the game and some of its many features. CrimeCraft has had a rough road since launch and the game recently joined the unlimited free trial group of games, offering a premium subscription option for players with added benefits. McEnerney talks about gameplay and how CrimeCraft won't be for everyone. Due to its design, it will appeal to the killer and achiever types more than the socializer and explorers among us.

CC is geared mainly toward the Killer and Achiever types with the Socializer falling behind those two groups. Because we have a smaller, instance-based game world, CC isn't as appealing to the Explorer types. Since the game is mostly PvP based, the killer-archetype will like the game. For the achiever-types, we have thousands of missions, jobs, and achievements as well as leaderboards and rankings. The gang-based features and lobby functions are meant to be geared towards the socialize-types.

McEnerney continues on to talk about the CrimeCraft's recent change to the free-to-play model and the recent banning of the game in Australia for depiction of drug use. On a positive note, McEnerney states that our friends down under can just download the game from the CrimeCraft website.

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